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Fall 2018 applications are now closed.  The deadline was October 19th, 2018 at 5pm. Reviewer Login:
If you are a committee member and have questions about how to access your proposals for review, please email

The University Research Foundation (URF), an internal funding program, will soon be accepting applications for the Fall 2018 Cycle. The reconfigured URF will offer the following grant opportunities: Research Grants, Conference Support, Impact Seminar Grants, and Research Opportunity Development Grants. There will be two solicitations for these grant applications each year with the same deadlines.

Grant Types:

  •   Research
    The research support program will provide awards up to $50K to help faculty secure external sources of funding. Objectives are to (a) Help junior faculty undertake pilot projects (b) Help established faculty perform novel, pioneering research (c) Provide support in disciplines where extramural support is difficult to obtain
  •   Impact
    Impact Seminar Grants provide awards up to $20K for large scale, cross school, cross disciplinary events over one to two days and open to the entire University community and should garner interest beyond Penn. Topic of research should draw on faculty expertise across disciplines.
  •   Conference
    The conference support program will provide awards up to $3K for meetings to enhance existing and scholarly programs, particularly in disciplines where external funding is difficult to obtain. Conferences that promote interdisciplinary and multi-school participation are given priority.
  •   RODG
    Phase 1
    Phase 1: With an identified new research area in mind, Phase I grants provide up to $10,000 to enable a team to articulate a research focus, map Penn’s intellectual assets in the new area and coalesce the appropriate group of scholars, and identify Penn’s potential contributions in research initiatives.
  •   RODG
    Phase 2
    Phase 2: Offers extensive support ($50,000- $200,000) over 2 years to enable specific outcomes in support of a center or group proposal to an external funding organization in an emerging research topic in the context of national or international research initiatives.